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It's not just the sheer size of the prints that makes Monster Media's posters so exciting, it's the sheer quality available at such enormous sizes too.

We offer outstanding solid colours, excellent repeatability and unparalleled optical density controlled by a sophisticated Colour Management System.

Material & Ink Specifications:

  • Light air permeable PVC Mesh Vinyl.
  • Superb quality, giant super-wide format prints.
  • Exceptional outdoor durability with UV resistant inks and atmospheric resistant substrates.
  • Colour Management System for perfect colour repeatability.


Monster Media sites offer illumination, from dusk until dawn, with special non-glare lamps. This provides for 24-hour coverage maximising your brands exposure.

Installation & Rigging:

Monster Media are conversant with all aspects of Local Planning and Advertising Consent approval.

Our giant posters are securely fastened to scaffolds, scaffolding frames or directly onto buildings using cable frameworks. PVC vinyl can also be mounted to glass, opening up a whole new world of opportunities for outdoor media.

Regular maintenance is also provided for the larger sites with a longer advertising duration.

Our teams are fully conversant with HSE regulations and operate to strict risk assessment, method statement and installation guidelines.

For all installations, our unpredictable UK weather is also taken into consideration. The combination of snow, rain and wind loading, and the fluctuation in temperature conditions are all considered.

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