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Monster Media’s objective is to maximise advertising revenues from our partners' property assets.

An exclusive license agreement is established between Monster Media Ltd and the property owners / developers. Monster Media develop these new sites and manage all aspects of the planning application, engineering and construction, scaffolding, production and illumination.

New sites are added to our poster site portfolio and we offer these sites to advertising media buyers, planners, agencies and major brands.

Monster Media provide:

  • Significant additional £'s revenue stream.
  • Revenue contribution towards preliminary costs, scaffolding, surveying, marketing.
  • Dramatic improvement to the aesthetics of the development.
  • Working with an experienced media and production agency.
  • Full liaison with construction & scaffolding parties.

Full responsibility for all poster installations, in-house and third party.

The value of each location is benchmarked against:

  • Advertising consent, LPA approval.
  • Prominence to passing vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Target audience profiles, ABC1.
  • Duration of the project.
  • Size of the development.
  • Traffic statistics i.e footfall.
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