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Artwork Spec Sheet

Artwork can be created on Mac or PC in the following programmes:
Quark Express
Save your job as an open Quark file with all logos, scans and fonts present. Please do not supply Quark EPS files, as we will be unable to use them.
Adobe Illustrator
Any scanned or rasterised images MUST be compatible with this programme.
Macromedia Freehand
If converted to EPS also provide editable file.
Acrobat (PDF)
If artwork is supplied in Acrobat the files are to be saved in high-resolution preferably CMYK or RGB for photographic work. Artwork to be created in pro to finish size and include bleed. If there are any special instructions or information i.e. pantone colours, please tag this to the file.
All fonts used in the files created by any of the above programmes should be supplied, as we cannot guarantee being able to match from our own library. Alternatively outline all fonts in Freehand or Illustrator.
Finished Artwork Output Dimensions
Artwork must be presented to scale i.e. 1:10, 1:20, 1:100, 1:200 etc. e.g. Site size: 6096mm x 3048mm (48 sheet) = artwork size: 609.6mm x 304.8mm = scale of 1:10.
We recommend you to use our templates to avoid any production delays or unnecessary problems.

Finished Rasterised (scanned) Image Output Dimensions
Images should be produced 300dpi at 1:10 scale. Please allow for bleed.
EG Site size: 6096mm x 3048mm = Photoshop file: 609.6mm x 304.8mm@ 300dpi = 98.9 mb.
Most images between 200mb & 300mb will produce good results depending on your origination. Our Pre-Press RIP’s are outstanding at re-creating your images to final output size, so please do not exceed 600mb as no quality will be gained on the final output.
Artwork can be provided on any of the following disk formats: DVD: 4.7GB, CD- Rom, ISDN (Max size: 60mb), FTP Site (Max size:150mb) or
E-mail (Max size :10mb) Note: Remember to zipp or stuff the files, to save file size when sending ISDN, FTP or E-mail.

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