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Q. How do you keep us (the client) informed of the creative, production and execution of campaigns?

All campaigns are managed by an Account Manager. Regular updates and meetings ensure accurate attention to detail. Timelines and critical paths are provided for all projects. Quantitative data is provided pre, during and post campaigns.

Q. How are staff managed and what accountability controls do you have in place?

All staff are fully briefed before any campaign commences. Briefings are held at Monster Media HQ and again on location. Staff are also given written briefing notes and objectives to study. A formal reporting structure and supervision ensure tight accountability controls.

Q. On what basis do you recruit and select staff?

Experience, personality and professionalism are key; presentation and appearance are also very important.

Q. Can we meet the staff beforehand?

Yes. We encourage briefing and training sessions with our clients. This provides an ideal opportunity to meet the staff. It is possible to arrange a formal or informal meeting prior to the assignment, subject to the person's availability.

Q. Can we select the same staff on a regular basis?

Yes. When a specific person or team of people work for you, they will obviously become familiar with your company and the product & service you provide. You may therefore wish to use them again on an ongoing basis, subject to their availability.
We would suggest a 'portfolio' of staff familiar with your company to help ensure that we can always provide individuals who meet your requirements. This may be particularly important where you wish to invest in training.

Q. Do you have a portfolio / Z cards for all your staff?

All of our staff have provided portfolios or Z cards. We provide our clients with pictures of all the staff we recommend prior to all campaigns. Many of our staff are models and some clients may wish to use us for modelling work, however we are primarily a promotions agency.

Q. Do your staff and services cover the UK?

All of Monster Media’s services and staff cover the entire UK.

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