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Monster Media has developed an excellent core team of promotional staff who undertake our sampling, roadshows, merchandising and special projects. We have a very strict staff selection policy that has enabled us to build a strong team of individuals who are attractive and enthusiastic but also extremely informed, professional and reliable.

Our approach is focused on gaining tangible results for our customers. Results are key and for any campaign we can provide you with quantitative data detailing customer numbers, footfalls, samples given, leaflets distributed etc.

Concept, Design, Production, & Implementation:

Monster Media provide a full in-house creative design & production service.

Our young team, well tuned to today’s expectations, music and fashions are excellent at creating innovative theatre to capture the imagination of the customer.

Our staff are our reputation, and knowing who is best for each role is key. We have over 1000 hand-selected staff on our books at any time.

Whatever and wherever your requirements, Monster Media can provide talented and experienced staff throughout the UK. Upon receiving your brief we will email photographs of staff we recommend for the assignment.

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